Let’s face it: welcoming a new child is hard work—and expensive. Many workers don’t have access to paid time off from work following the birth of adoption of a child, which causes new parents to have to make the tough choice between earning a paycheck or caring for their new child.

That’s why Independent Women’s Voice created Social Security Earned Leave—a simple, smart, and sensible solution to paid leave. The voluntary program helps workers who lack employer-backed paid parental leave benefits get the financial support they want and need—without raising taxes, growing the government, or hurting workers’ economic opportunities.

Social Security Earned Leave would give Americans the flexibility and freedom they need to use the benefits they have earned. It would offer new parents the opportunity to receive early Social Security benefits for parental leave in exchange for briefly delaying the collection of retirement benefits.

The program would not affect compensation, benefits, or the Social Security program for workers or retirees who are not interested in or eligible for the program. And it would keep women in workforce and new parents off welfare.

It’s a win-win for all: women and families, employers and employees, as well as the economy and job market. But we need your help getting legislation moving to formally create the program.

Urge your representatives to support Social Security Earned Leave legislation. Use the form to contact your representatives via email, Twitter, and phone today.