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Independent Women's Voice Launched Petition Fighting For Veterans Healthcare Freedom

(WASHINGTON D.C.) – They fought, now we fight.  On the heels of findings that detail hundreds of thousands of Veterans are experiencing extreme wait times at Veteran Affairs’ medical facilities across the country, resulting in suffering and even death, the Independent Women's Voice has launched a new public petition – Healthcare Freedom For Veterans – calling on Americans to stand up and fight for those who have fought for our freedom.  The petition demands that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs make available for veterans the realistic option of seeking care outside of the VA healthcare just as one would have with private insurance.

Petition can be viewed HERE

"This isn’t a money problem or insufficient quality control problem, but a system-wide structural problem within The Department of Veterans Affairs, both in its service to veterans and in its oversight.  This is a giant warning of what happens with systems where the patient isn’t the real customer and decision maker,” said IWV CEO and President Heather R. Higgins.  “Veterans shouldn't be second class citizens, restricted to using care solely in government-run hospitals.”

U.S. Army Veteran Helicopter Pilot and IWV Military Fellow Amber Barno said, “VA management has overlooked internal problems and maintained a subpar status quo for years.  The VA health care system is deplorable and deficient and veterans deserve better.  It’s time to offer veterans the best that American medicine has to offer.  Congress should make every hospital, doctor, nurse, and medical facility a VA option for veterans.”

Petition reads:

They Fought For Our Freedom, Let’s Fight For Theirs

Veterans fought to preserve our freedom; now we need to fight for theirs. Sign the Health care Freedom for Veterans petition to give Veterans better options than government-controlled health care.

Veterans deserve more choice and control over their health care. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs' government-run health care has repeatedly failed to live up to its mission, despite attempts at quality controls. Our veterans fought for our freedom and it is time to fight for theirs; their freedom to make their own health care choices, to control who provides their care, and where they get that care. I stand with American veterans and for health care freedom and ask our government to do the same.

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