Independent Women’s Voice is an advocacy 501(c)(4) that fights for women and their loved ones by effectively expanding support among women, independents, and millennials for policy solutions that aren’t just well-intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. IWV has a track record of asking different questions, approaching problems creatively, seeing opportunities where most others haven’t, and winning.

We produce innovative research and campaigns, strategic writing, and informative communication kits, and we advocate for smarter policies. We work to educate and persuade those who don’t already share our understanding of the benefits of liberty and free markets, so their policy and political choices will be based on better information and understanding. 

Women account for more than half of the population, half of all voters, and nearly half of all Independents. Over a third of voters now identify themselves as Independents.

IWV is motivated not by party, but by philosophy. Our goal is to share conservative, free market ideas and solutions with women and Independents, while encouraging and supporting them as they decide what is right for them. IWV is the sister organization of Independent Women’s Forum.


Innovation in Education and Outreach

Women and Independents, facing ever-changing opportunities, challenges and life choices, can benefit from free market solutions that promote and support their personal liberty and success.

IWV is committed to reaching out to, educating, and supporting these individuals in innovative and effective ways.

Looking Forward

IWV continually seeks to support women and Independents by increasing their awareness of key policy and legislative that can have a profound impact on themselves, their families and their communities. We work diligently to inform the American people about the real facts about the economy and the impact of public policies so that when individuals make decisions about what policies and candidates to support, they do so based on accurate information.


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IWV Board of Directors:

Heather Higgins
Tammy Bruce 
Midge Decter

IWV Board of Directors Emeritae:

Larry Kudlow