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Looney left says 'patriarchy' keeps office temperatures too low and iPhones too big

by Tammy Bruce

Finally, the debate about whether or not we live in dumb times is over...

Happy Independence Day to America's Newest Citizens

by Patrice Onwuka

America is the most welcoming nation for immigrants.

Should Colleges Be Allowed to Ban Single-Sex Clubs?

by Heather Madden

Why did Members of Congress just introduce a new bill, the College Freedom of Association Act, validating freedom of association protections for students on college campuses?

Price Transparency Checklist: Genuine vs. Counterfeit

by IWV Staff

With the passage of the long needed and much appreciated executive order to improve price and quality transparency in health care, the battle between the status quo and the wellbeing of patients and their doctors move to regulatory implementation.

Media Manipulation of Conservative Women is a Disgrace

by Heather Higgins

Do you sometimes feel the media are manipulating us?...

Designate Drug Cartels As ‘Foreign Terrorist Organizations’

by Sara Carter

We will no longer tolerate the deaths of children. We will no longer tolerate the poisoning of our nation and we will no longer allow the drug cartels to control and take advantage of our immigration crisis.

'Gay reparation': Democrats reinforce the politics of resentment and victimhood

by Tammy Bruce

During Gay Pride Month, she apparently believes the gay community is greedy, selfish and could be relied upon to think only of themselves...

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