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Parents Who Lost Children to Illegal Immigrant Crime Tell Their Stories (VIDEO)

by Staff

Democrats don't want to talk about it, but a small share of immigrants in the United States illegally have left many parents grieving the lives of their children

Sara Carter Documents the Real Story at the Border

by Ericka Andersen

Journalist Sara Carter is reporting from the border this week in McAllen, Texas for our sister organization, Independent Women's Forum. Within hours of exploring the border area

The Golden Globes show wallows in screeds, name-calling

by Tammy Bruce

The Hollywood set started the new year thinking they had the perfect plan...

Tlaib Tells Young Girls She Can Impeach President Trump (VIDEO)

by Ericka Andersen

Newly-elected Member of Congress Rashida Tlaib is getting a lot of attention for her divisive language. Apparently, it's a theme for her.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Not Sorry For Cursing Out President Trump

by Heather Madden

When speaking to a leftist group on Thursday, newly sworn-in Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib had no qualms about using profane language when calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

Washington Post Takes a Shot at Incoming Republican Female Congresswoman Carol Miller

by Ericka Andersen

The press doesn't want you to believe they are biased -- but they make it so painfully obvious, even in subtle ways.

Majority of Americans say they’re #BetterOffNow than before

by Heather Madden

In 2018, it became clear that people are finally experiencing real relief. The majority of Americans find themselves better off now than before

The train wreck called the 'Women's March'

by Tammy Bruce

For outside observers, the slow-motion train wreck of the “Women’s March” movement is a fascinating turn of events...

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