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Border crisis puts everyone's health at risk – Pandemics can't become 'the new normal'

by Heather Higgins

The WHO may declare pandemics to be the new normal, but we say “not on our watch.”

Colorado, Grassroots Activists and the Fight to Save the Electoral College

by Jennifer Braceras

Grassroots activists want Colorado voters to weigh in on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Progressive Privilege Abounds as Sarah Sanders Leaves Her Post

by Staff

Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced she'd be leaving her post as White House Press Secretary. The media response was awful.

Americans facing threat of infectious diseases at the border

by Tammy Bruce

They put U.S. families at risk and migrant families, too...

Sign the Petition: Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases

by IWV Staff

Protect America’s most vulnerable. Urge the government to act now to prevent an impending public health crisis in the U.S. and protect America’s most vulnerable

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Progressive Privilege: Who does the media hold in contempt?

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