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Why Humanity Is Worth Saving and Why We Will Be Ok

by Tammy Bruce

Human accomplishment and progress prevail in challenging times.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Let’s Honor Survivors

by Andi Bottner

Even amidst the fear and uncertainty of coronavirus, the heightened awareness about assault is still necessary,

How Deadly Is the Coronavirus?

by Lisa Boothe

How deadly is the coronavirus? It is a simple but vital question that we don’t know the answer to right now.

Showing Respect in a Time of Lockdown Because of the Coronavirus Crisis

by Tammy Bruce

There is absolutely no good reason for those on the left to attack Dr. Birx, but they do.

Trump Appoints First Woman to Lead the National Counterterrorism Center

by Tammy Bruce

Lora Shiao and Clare Linkins to lead U.S. counterterrorism efforts

Lessons From the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Tammy Bruce

The horror of Italy's experience shows that universal health care isn't the answer.

Blaming Donald Trump for the Coronavirus

by Tammy Bruce

It’s one thing to notice the media focusing on limited, panic-inducing headlines and narratives. We see them do that every day during this Trump era, as the left relies on panic and victimhood to control people

The False, Fear-Based Narratives That Drive Coronavirus Panic

by Tammy Bruce

The coronavirus issue is obviously important for many reasons. None of us want to get sick with any illness, let alone a respiratory virus that disrupts our lives, and can even pose a threat to our lives.

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