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Chick-fil-A ends support to Salvation Army after bullying by left

by Tammy Bruce

Among the “controversial” organizations that Chick-fil-A supported through their foundation was the Salvation Army, which issued a statement upon hearing that it was being abandoned by its previous corporate partner:

The Violence Against Women Act Does Not Protect Women Against Some of the Worst Forms of Violence

by IWV Staff

Women deserve better. Urge your senators to pass a real #VAWA.

Why Aren’t We Taking Violence Against Women More Seriously?

by Heather Higgins

It’s been almost a year since the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) should have been reauthorized, but wasn’t.

Why Nikki Haley's revelations about Rex Tillerson and John Kelly must be investigated

by Tammy Bruce

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has made quite the splash with her new book, “All Due Respect,” hitting the shelves this week, within which she reveals that former Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson and former White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly approached her in the White House in an attempt to recruit her to be part of a cell undermining President Trump.

How to Protect and Enhance Direct Medical Care, and Not Diminish It

“The Primary Care Enhancement Act” (HR 3708) will threaten patients’ ability to enjoy the valued benefits of Direct Primary Care if paying with an HSA.

Katie Hill may scold, but she's not a victim

by Tammy Bruce

What she did not mention in her speech is that she was under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for an alleged affair with one of her congressional staffers, a violation of House rules. She denies the allegation.

Tiptoeing around the beast al-Baghdadi, Dems try to dismiss Trump's foreign policy chops

by Tammy Bruce

It’s that simple, and that ugly. And it confirms why Mr. Trump’s presidency is more vital every day.

Mitt Romney's grasp at anonymity: 'Pierre Delecto' is a passenger on the swamp express

by Tammy Bruce

Mr. Romney explained to both The Atlantic and a group of journalists in the hallway in the Senate that he used the account to keep an eye on the political conversation.

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