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Marxist Mobs Sweep Into Cities, Call for Defunding of Police, Tear Down Statues and Create Havoc

by Tammy Bruce

We were told this was a "movement" to make Black lives matter.

COVID-19 Shows Why Borders Are Necessary

by Heather Madden

Congress should take action now to ensure that we are adequately protected from the spread of infectious disease.

Trump Makes Punishing Leftist Anarchists for Desecrating Monuments a Priority

by Tammy Bruce

President Trump was elected in large part on the issue of law and order.

Statement: Price Transparency Essential to Patient Empowerment

by IWV Press

Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) applauds the introduction of the “PRICE Transparency Act” today by Senator Mike Braun. The “PRICE Transparency Act” would require hospitals and insurers to reveal prices for care to patients beforehand, allowing consumers to make informed, price-conscious decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Marxist-Anarchist Mobs Destroy Statues, Trample on History and Seek to Remove Trump

by Tammy Bruce

The events of the last few weeks provide more than enough proof that the orgy of destruction we’re witnessing in various Democratic cities has nothing to do with George Floyd.

What Women Want: Affordable, Shoppable Health Care And If Congress Listens, They Just Might Get It

by Heather Higgins

At kitchen tables across America women anxiously face a struggle made even harder by a coronavirus and the shutdown .

Democrats Exploit Well-Meaning Passions in Cities Seeking Relief

by Tammy Bruce

There are many tragic ironies unfolding since even before the death of George Floyd.

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