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Bernie Sanders and his cynical proposition: Giving incarcerated felons the vote

by Tammy Bruce

His insistence that even terrorists and rapists should have a say in who governs us is an affront to the values that hold this nation together...

Your Two Cents On Price Transparency

by Cassie Alsfeld

Why hasn’t one of the most important sectors of the economy--health care--adapted to the competitive marketplace model that consumers demand?

'Easter worshipers?' How the language of the left avoids real discussion of terror

by Tammy Bruce

In the aftermath of the horrific mass murder of Christians on Easter in Sri Lanka, it is clear that the threat on Christians worldwide continues...

Qasim Rashid Tries To Silence Asra Nomani

by Heather Madden

It’s never acceptable to shut someone out of a conversation. When engaging in a debate, everyone should always be expected to maintain civility and respect no matter what.

Why Price Transparency in Healthcare is Personal

by Ericka Andersen

It's to bring real transparency to the healthcare market.

Poll: Tax Cuts Overwhelmingly Helped Small Businesses, the Economy

by Patrice Onwuka

What helps small businesses helps the whole economy.

Female Genital Mutilation IS Violence Against Women

by Andi Bottner

The Violence Against Women Act has to be better than what it is today. Sign IWF’s petition to demand that Congress pass a stronger VAWA that includes greater transparency and protects women from Female Genital Mutilation.

Price Transparency Essential to Patient Empowerment and Lower Healthcare Costs

by Policy Staff

The White House has a proposal that would boost price transparency in health care in order to prevent Americans from receiving exorbitant medical bills.

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