Rosie, Let’s Respect Women When Even When We Disagree

Yesterday on Twitter, Rosie O’Donnell said that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary to President Donald Trump, will “sit in hell” for “doing exactly what he [Trump] wants.” O’Donnell’s comments aimed at delegitimizing Sanders’ qualifications were in response to a tweet by MSNBC host Nichole Wallace:

 Dismissing conservative women in leadership positions is not new for O’Donnell. Rosie's tweet came just a day after she attacked CNN’s Chris Cuomo for interviewing Kellyanne Conway who she denigrated as a liar:


There’s nothing wrong with disagreement, but disagreement is no excuse for objectification or disrespect. This is unacceptable language to use against any woman regardless of political ideology. We cannot allow a double standard.

It’s time to recognize, include, and champion ALL women everywhere. Please click on the social media icons below to share this story with your friends and family. 

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