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Reforming Childcare Accounts Would Help Families
June 3 2020

The Medicare Crisis Program Act is Bad for Patients, Workers, and Taxpayers
May 18 2020

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Let’s Honor Survivors
April 6 2020

How to Protect and Enhance Direct Medical Care, and Not Diminish It
November 7 2019

Referendum 88: Giving Washington's public universities the freedom to discriminate on the basis of race
November 4 2019

Unlike Medicare for All, RSC Health Reform Plan Focuses on Personalized Health Care
October 22 2019

PDAA Would Ensure that Pregnant Workers are Protected in the Workplace
October 21 2019

Administration Promises Genuine Price Transparency
September 13 2019

Democrats Push Education Myths During Debate
September 13 2019

Fact Check: Argument in Favor of “The Wall”
August 2 2019

Price Transparency is Critical to Competitive Healthcare Market
July 29 2019

Should Colleges Be Allowed to Ban Single-Sex Clubs?
July 3 2019

Price Transparency Checklist: Genuine vs. Counterfeit
July 2 2019

Caring Transcends Partisanship
June 24 2019

Sign the Petition: Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases
June 5 2019

Americans Need Price Transparency in Health Care
May 28 2019

Child Safety Accounts Proposed for DC School Children
May 14 2019

Preserve the Electoral College: Urge Your Reps to Reject the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
May 1 2019

Qasim Rashid Tries To Silence Asra Nomani
April 17 2019

Female Genital Mutilation IS Violence Against Women
April 16 2019

Price Transparency Essential to Patient Empowerment and Lower Healthcare Costs
April 11 2019

Cyber Bullying Drives SNL’s Aidy Bryant to Walk Away from Twitter
March 13 2019

What You Should Know: Border Crisis
February 19 2019

VA Unveils Proposed Rules Easing Vets' Access to Private Care
January 30 2019

The Essence of School Choice: Maximum Flexibility and Freedom in Education for All Families
January 25 2019

My friends Louis--A Pink Hat Marcher
January 22 2019

New York City to Demand Warning Signs on Sugar
January 11 2019

Majority of Americans say they’re #BetterOffNow than before
January 3 2019

An Early Christmas Gift: Neighbor Anonymously Pays For A Family's Water Bill in Full
December 18 2018

Brand New Cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
December 13 2018

The Man Who’s “Making a Difference, One Lawn at a Time”
November 30 2018

Addressing Social Security's Debt to Help the Economy Keep Growing
November 21 2018

#ChampionWomen: Republican Women Made History on Election Night, Too
November 14 2018

Fast Facts on Health Care, Immigration, and the Supreme Court
November 4 2018

Learn the Difference Between Republicans’ and Democrats’ Healthcare Plans
November 4 2018

Fast Facts on Medicaid and “Medicare for All”
November 4 2018

Fast Facts on Women’s Health Care
November 4 2018

Fast Facts on the Immigration of Children to the U.S.
November 3 2018

Fast Facts on Illegal Immigrants’ Impact on Crime
November 3 2018

Fast Facts on Immigration’s Effect on the Economy
November 3 2018

Fast Facts on the Supreme Court and Pre-Existing Conditions
November 3 2018

Fast Facts on the Constitution
November 3 2018

Fast Facts on Immigration
November 2 2018

Fast Facts on the Supreme Court and Reproductive Rights
November 2 2018

Fast Facts on “Liberal” vs. “Conservative” Judges on the Supreme Court
November 2 2018

Fast Facts on “Balance” and the Supreme Court
November 2 2018

Fast Facts on the Supreme Court
November 2 2018

Fast Facts on Pre-Existing Conditions
November 2 2018

Fast Facts on Healthcare Reform
November 1 2018

OSSE’s Latest Target: Parent-Led Playgroups
October 30 2018

Are you #BetterOffNow?
October 23 2018

The Left Continues to Welcome Mob Rule
October 18 2018

Left’s Treatment of Kavanaugh May Backfire in November
October 10 2018

Women in Leadership and the Party Gap
September 21 2018

Woman Raises Awareness for Ovarian Cancer Through Inspiring Hike
September 20 2018

Bribes, Threats, Vulgarity Against Female Senator Has No Place in Kavanaugh Fight
September 13 2018

Candidates Gender Makes No Difference to Majority of Voters
August 3 2018

Champion Women: Wendy Tuck
August 2 2018

Virginia Lawmakers (Regrettably) Adopt Medicaid Expansion
June 4 2018

Samantha Bee Goes After Ivanka Trump, Refers to Her As “Feckless C---"
May 31 2018

A Trade War With China Won’t Help U.S. Consumers, Workers, or Businesses
May 30 2018

#ChampionWomen: Roseanne Barr’s Disgraceful Tweet
May 29 2018

Misogyny Strikes Again: The Inappropriate Criticism of Natalie Portman
May 22 2018

LISTEN: Education Savings Accounts for Military Families Can Make All the Difference
May 21 2018

LISTEN: Why a New Iowa Healthcare Law Matters to You
May 8 2018

Champion Women: Ainsley Earhardt
May 7 2018

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: It’s Always the Right Time for More Women to Run for Congress
May 4 2018

Colorado Wisely Abandons Misguided FAMLI Act
May 3 2018

Listen: #ChampionWomen: Treating Each Other with Respect and Civility
May 2 2018

Candace Cameron Bure Exemplifies Empathy and Kindness
April 26 2018

Shania Twain Shouldn’t Have to Issue a Public Apology for Pro-Trump Comments
April 25 2018

Tammie Jo Shults: Hero Pilot That Safely Landed Southwest Airlines Flight 1380
April 18 2018

Female Country Music Artists Refuse to Be Pitted Against Each Other
April 12 2018

Tax Cuts Are A Big Deal For American Families
April 9 2018

Double Standard: Women Treated Differently Depending on Political Affiliation
April 3 2018

Three Ways the Trump Administration Has Helped Women, Women Business Owners
March 28 2018

Iowa Beauty Salon Lambasted for Styling Ivanka Trump
March 23 2018

Military Children Deserve Access to a Quality Education
March 20 2018

The Save Local Business Act Will Benefit Workers, Consumers and Employers
March 15 2018

Fact Sheet: The Pregnancy Discrimination Amendment Act
March 8 2018

Help Us Urge Congress to Pass the Pregnancy Discrimination Amendment Act
March 8 2018

Let's #ChampionWomen like NASA's record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson
February 27 2018

Let’s Pump the Brakes on a Gas Tax to Pay for Infrastructure Spending
February 27 2018

U.S. Athletes Take Very Different Approaches to Ivanka Trump’s Presence at Olympics
February 26 2018

How to Know if a Woman is Being Objectified (VIDEO)
February 23 2018

Want to #ChampionWomen Everywhere? Let's Celebrate Women Like Linda McMahon
February 22 2018

Nancy Pelosi Dismisses Widespread Financial Relief
February 12 2018

Health Care Price Transparency and Competition Are What's Missing
February 7 2018

Not Crumbs: 25 People Explain Why They're Excited About Their Pay Raises
February 7 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a Major Victory for the American People
February 6 2018

WATCH: IWV & the RNC Present a Conversation with Working Moms
February 1 2018

Women in the Trump Administration are Making Impressive Moves
February 1 2018

We need you! Tell Pres. Trump to return to health care
January 31 2018

Gov. Huckabee’s Tweet about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Shame
January 30 2018

More and More Workers Benefiting from Tax Reform
January 25 2018

Feminist Cher-leader or Bully: Cher Mocks Sarah Sanders' Looks
January 25 2018

Rosie, Let’s Respect Women When Even When We Disagree
January 24 2018

Disagreement is no excuse for objectification
January 24 2018

Highest Ranking GOP Congresswoman Shunned From Women's March
January 23 2018

HLN's Ashleigh Banfield Has a Lesson for Young Writer Who Criticized Her Looks
January 19 2018

Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Didn’t Deserve Bullying by Senator Cory Booker
January 18 2018

Vogue Belittles First Lady Melania Trump for No Apparent Reason
January 11 2018

IWV Leads Coalition Encouraging President Trump to Make Health Care Reform a Priority in 2018
January 3 2018

Businesses Respond to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
December 21 2017

It's time for a tax plan that benefits YOU
December 19 2017

Level the Playing Field and Reduce Prescription Drug Costs for Millions of Medicare Patients
December 15 2017

Now it's up to Congress, and they need to hear from YOU!
December 11 2017

We need you, Friend! Re: Senate vote on tax bill
November 29 2017

We need you, Friend! Re: Individual mandate & tax reform
November 15 2017

An easy guide to tax reform
November 8 2017

November 6 2017

How the opioid epidemic harms women
October 26 2017

The Strong Families Act Is a Win for Women and Families
October 26 2017

The Opioid Epidemic
October 24 2017

Universal Paid Leave
October 20 2017

Politicians are putting their interests above yours
October 17 2017

Trump's executive order a positive step on health care | VIDEO
October 13 2017

Hey, why should we suffer when Congress doesn't?
October 3 2017

How will the new healthcare bill affect you? | ACT NOW
September 21 2017

Disaster Recovery: American Style
September 12 2017

Results: Wisconsin and GA CD 6
September 12 2017

You don’t have an exemption from ObamaCare. But Congress does.
September 12 2017

We MUST repeal ObamaCare by September 30th
September 5 2017

It's time for tax reform
August 31 2017

Stop Ignoring Our Voice!
August 29 2017

ObamaCare is in a death spiral
August 22 2017

Help keep #NoWashingtonExemption going!
August 17 2017

Brutal month ahead for the White House?
August 15 2017

ObamaCare catastrophe in Nevada
August 9 2017

Just do it
August 3 2017

Keep the pressure on
August 1 2017

Tweet President Trump NOW
July 30 2017

While you were sleeping
July 28 2017

Make Senate vote to repeal ObamaCare's individual mandate tomorrow
July 27 2017

Congress is exempt from ObamaCare. This must END.
July 25 2017

TAKE ACTION: ObamaCare repeal vote next week. Call your senators NOW!
July 21 2017

Trump could change the healthcare debate dramatically, but we need your help
July 19 2017

Get the TRUTH about the GOP healthcare plan
July 14 2017

Congress is not above the law
July 12 2017

The health care plan that's right for YOU
July 7 2017

Health Care: An Easy Guide to What You Should Know
June 28 2017

What GA-06 election means for ObamaCare
June 22 2017

ACT NOW: Tell the Senate to repeal and replace ObamaCare
June 20 2017

Help us fight for better health care for all Americans
June 13 2017

Hold the VA Accountable
June 6 2017

You'll Be Covered
June 1 2017

Repealing and replacing ObamaCare is good for women
May 30 2017

The truth about the AHCA's CBO score
May 25 2017

The time to discuss family leave is now
May 23 2017

ObamaCare has failed patients with pre-existing conditions
May 18 2017

The latest on ObamaCare's collapse
May 17 2017

More fearmongering on the AHCA
May 11 2017

No, the AHCA isn't anti-woman
May 9 2017

ACT NOW: Vote YES on ObamaCare Repeal & Replace
May 4 2017

ACT NOW: Supporting Working Families
May 2 2017

Trump's First 100 Days
April 25 2017

Healthcare Freedom for Our Veterans
April 20 2017

Rep. DeSantis: End the Illegal Congressional ObamaCare Exemption
April 13 2017

ObamaCare's Pre-Existing Conditions Rules Don't Work
April 11 2017

CALL YOUR SENATORS: Vote YES to confirm Gorsuch
April 4 2017

End the Washington Exemption from ObamaCare
March 30 2017

Where do we go from here?
March 28 2017

What does health care cost?
March 23 2017

The Next Wave of Technology
March 17 2017

ObamaCare = real harm
March 15 2017

American Health Care Act – Not perfect, but the start we need
March 9 2017

There is a Reason for EPA Optimism
March 7 2017

ObamaCare is still hurting Americans
March 7 2017

Coverage Expansion and Pre-existing Coverage Transcript
March 7 2017

Women’s Health and Insurance Transcript
March 7 2017

Costs and Benefits Transcript
March 7 2017

Tell Congress to Act on Tax Reform
March 2 2017

To Repeal ObamaCare, Go Bold
February 28 2017

Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare
February 24 2017

The ObamaCare Death Spiral
February 21 2017

ACTION ALERT: Confirm Scott Pruitt to EPA
February 16 2017

Tell Your Senators: Confirm Andrew Puzder
February 14 2017

Tell Your Senators: Confirm Betsy DeVos
February 7 2017

Why Gorsuch Should be Quietly Confirmed
February 3 2017

Why ObamaCare Must Be Repealed
January 25 2017

Does the Women's March on Washington Speak for You?
January 18 2017

Trump: Repeal, Replace ObamaCare "Very Quickly"
January 12 2017

Majority of America: Repeal and Replace ObamaCare
January 10 2017

Trump: 'ObamaCare Just Doesn't Work'
January 3 2017

Congress Prepares to Repeal ObamaCare
December 27 2016

ObamaCare Causes Spike in Administrative Costs
December 23 2016

Cali's Effort to Add Illegal Immigrants to ObamaCare May Fail
December 21 2016

Next Year's ObamaCare Subsidies: $10 Billion
December 15 2016

Ikea Expands Parental Leave For its 13,000 U.S. Employees
December 14 2016

All But Four ObamaCare Co-Ops Have Failed
December 13 2016

Will ObamaCare Repeal Really Happen?
December 8 2016

Trump Picks ObamaCare Foe Rep. Tom Price for HHS
November 29 2016

ACTION ALERT: Tell Speaker Ryan You Support ObamaCare Repeal
November 22 2016

Stand Strong for ObamaCare Repeal
November 17 2016

UVA Students, Faculty: Quoting Thomas Jefferson "Undermines Message of Unity, Equality and Civility"
November 17 2016

ObamaCare Premiums Up 27%
November 15 2016

Before You Vote Today...
November 8 2016

What Won't They Do?
November 3 2016

We Knew 6 Years Ago
November 1 2016

Straight Talk About Child Care
October 27 2016

ObamaCare Architect: Law is "Working As Designed"
October 27 2016

Premiums for Popular ObamaCare Plans Jump 25%
October 25 2016

There's No Fixing ObamaCare
October 20 2016

Regulators Call for Action Against Airbnb
October 19 2016

ObamaCare "No Longer Affordable" Says ... Dem Gov. Mark Dayton?
October 18 2016

Wikileaks Shows Clinton Knows Minimum Wage Hike Would Lead to Job Loss
October 17 2016

Don't Let Them Bail Out ObamaCare
October 13 2016

How the Feds Are Keeping Native Americans Trapped in Poverty
October 13 2016

Two Years Later, Deadly VA Delays Continue
October 11 2016

ObamaCare the "craziest thing in the world" says ... Bill Clinton?
October 5 2016

A Modern Agenda for Improving Women's Lives
October 4 2016

White House Begs Millennials to Keep ObamaCare Afloat
September 29 2016

Not Buying ObamaCare? The IRS Might Be Targeting You.
September 27 2016

Income Mobility Still Linked to Marriage
September 26 2016

DOL’s Overtime Rules: Another Job/Flexibility Killer
September 21 2016

The Public Option: Still a Bad Idea
September 21 2016

Straight Talk about Paid Leave
September 21 2016

Obama Making Desperation Attempt to Save ObamaCare
September 20 2016

Trump Calls for Complete Repeal of ObamaCare
September 15 2016

ObamaCare STILL Vulnerable to Fraud
September 13 2016

Insurance Doesn't Guarantee Access to Care
September 8 2016

Another Day, Another Massive ObamaCare Rate Hike
September 6 2016

ObamaCare Falls Short of Enrollment Goals
September 1 2016

20% of Americans Will Have One ObamaCare Option
August 30 2016

University of Chicago Takes Stand Against Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces
August 25 2016

Tennessee ObamaCare Exchange About to Collapse?
August 25 2016

Encourage Donald Trump to Sign the Repeal Pledge
August 23 2016

It’s About Time: An Environmentalist Takes a Stand Against Ethanol
August 23 2016

Unaffordable "Affordable" ObamaCare Plans Harm Americans
August 18 2016

Aetna Officially Out of Most ObamaCare Markets
August 16 2016

ObamaCare is Terrible for Millennials
August 11 2016

More ObamaCare Customers to be Hit with Enormous Rate Hikes
August 10 2016

Urban Planning & Rising Home Prices
August 8 2016

ObamaCare Premiums Spiking in Illinois and Beyond
August 5 2016

Title IX & Anti-Male Discrimination
August 3 2016

Americans Feeling the Pain from ObamaCare Co-Op Failures
August 2 2016

Minimum Wage Hike Leaves Seattle Workers Worse Off
August 2 2016

Humana Bails on ObamaCare
July 28 2016

The Democratic Insider Convention
July 27 2016

Ivanka’s RNC Speech Appeals to Women
July 26 2016

EMP Threats and Disaster Preparedness: What You Need to Know
July 21 2016

Why is Sen. Vitter holding up an Obama nominee?
July 21 2016

The Unfortunate Truth of Cleveland's Minimum Wage Proposal
July 20 2016

ObamaCare, Smokers, and Unintended Consequences
July 19 2016

Two-Thirds of ObamaCare Co/Ops Have Collapsed
July 14 2016

Yet Another ObamaCare Co-Op Has Collapsed
July 12 2016

Wait, Clinton's "Free College" Plan Isn't Really Free?
July 11 2016

Another ObamaCare Co-Op Closes. Yes, Another.
July 7 2016

Beware of the Growing Administrative State
July 7 2016

Senator Vitter to Colleagues: Cancel Your Special Exemption
July 1 2016

Don’t Let Government Tread on Your Summer Fun!
July 1 2016

Social Justice Warriors Should Support Ryan Health Plan
June 30 2016

Warning to Businesses: Don’t Confuse Protesters with Your Customers
June 30 2016

The Government’s Do-Nothing Approach to EMP Threats
June 28 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Proposed Daycare Subsidies Would Be Bad for Kids and Our Country
June 22 2016

Obama Administration Paying to Fight Effects of ObamaCare
June 21 2016

Why is the VA Shredding Documents?
June 20 2016

Will Millennial Voters Be the End of Hillary?
June 16 2016

New Balance Running Shoe Earmark Would Cost Taxpayers Billions and Lead to More Injuries
June 16 2016

White House #StateofWomen Isn't Working for Women
June 14 2016

Why Policymakers Should Reject a Carbon Tax
June 10 2016

The 'Cover Oregon' Cover Up
June 9 2016

Creating a Better Health Care System for Veterans
June 9 2016

D.C.’s New $15 Minimum Wage Is Bad News for Workers, and the City
June 8 2016

ObamaCare Rates Set to Spike Across the Country
June 7 2016

Fossil-Fuel Divestment Will Come at a High Cost for Students
June 6 2016

Obama Admin Stonewalling on Congress's ObamaCare Subpoenas
June 3 2016

ObamaCare Co-Op Update: Another One Bites the Dust
June 1 2016

Should Disney Run Veterans Affairs?
May 26 2016