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Vogue Belittles First Lady Melania Trump for No Apparent Reason
January 11 2018

Coalition Letter: Don't Bring Back Earmarks
January 10 2018

Americans Need Health Reform to Be a Priority Issue in 2018 • The Daily Signal
January 5 2018

Phenomenal numbers: No surprise unless you had Trump derangement syndrome • Making Money
January 4 2018

North Korea Showdown: Trump strategy different and seems to be working • Making Money
January 4 2018

Mention: Overnight Health Care: Conservative groups push for 2018 ObamaCare repeal • The Hill
January 4 2018

IWV Leads Coalition Encouraging President Trump to Make Health Care Reform a Priority in 2018
January 3 2018

Coalition Letter: Health Care Reform Must Be the Focus of the 2019 Budget Reconciliation Instructions
January 3 2018

Mention: Conservative groups push for 2018 repeal of ObamaCare • The Hill
January 3 2018

Press Release: Large Coalition Calls on Trump to Make Healthcare Reform a 2018 Priority
January 3 2018

Against the odds, Trump's agenda owned 2017 • The Hill
December 25 2017

Statement: Tax Reform: Best gift Trump could give Americans this holiday will be shared far & wide
December 22 2017

Businesses Respond to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
December 21 2017

The House Just Passed a #GoodDealforWomen Through Tax Reform
December 19 2017

It's time for a tax plan that benefits YOU
December 19 2017

Coalition Letter: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Conference Report
December 18 2017

Lessons from Alabama: GOP, throw out the old playbook • The Hill
December 16 2017

Level the Playing Field and Reduce Prescription Drug Costs for Millions of Medicare Patients
December 15 2017

Tax Reform: Washington’s Gift to Women, Families, Businesses is Almost Here
December 14 2017

Statement: The Best Gift Washington Can Give Women This Holiday
December 13 2017

Coalition Letter: Biosimilars Medicare Part D Stakeholders
December 13 2017

Letter: IWV Supports Rolling Back the College Degree Requirement for D.C. Childcare Workers
December 11 2017

Now it's up to Congress, and they need to hear from YOU!
December 11 2017

Coalition Letter: Congress Must Work Swiftly to Make Tax Reform a Reality
December 11 2017

Coalition Letter: Reduce Corporate Income Tax Rate to 20 Percent
December 8 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act
December 1 2017

Coalition Letter: Fix Overreaching Obamacare Menu Labeling Rule
December 1 2017

Coalition Letter: Protect Donor Privacy from Government Abuse, Eliminate Schedule B
November 30 2017

We need you, Friend! Re: Senate vote on tax bill
November 29 2017

Coalition Letter: Conservatives Support the Senate's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
November 28 2017

Make or Break: Senate tax reform last minute negotiations will improve bill • Making Money
November 27 2017

Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill: Congress, like Unions, exist to protect their own • Making Money
November 27 2017

Coalition Letter: Strengthen Fiscal Controls
November 15 2017

Mention: New Tax Reform Plan includes Sen. Fischer's Paid Leave Plan
November 15 2017

We need you, Friend! Re: Individual mandate & tax reform
November 15 2017

Coalition Letter: 20 Conservative Groups Support the Senate’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
November 13 2017

Trump's legacy so far: Totally reshaping how Washington works • The Hill
November 8 2017

An easy guide to tax reform
November 8 2017

IWV Supports the Workplace Flexibility in the 21st Century Act
November 7 2017

November 6 2017

Does Ed Gillespie's Healthcare Plan Support Women?
November 6 2017

This is not your standard GOP tax bill • Making Money
November 3 2017

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Virginia's Tax Plan?
November 1 2017

VIDEO: The Truth About Virginia's Tax Plan
November 1 2017

Affordable Care Act Halloween Surprise: Premiums Rising Again
October 31 2017

A Prescription for GOP Victory • Real Clear Policy
October 31 2017

How the opioid epidemic harms women
October 26 2017

The Strong Families Act Is a Win for Women and Families
October 26 2017

The Opioid Epidemic
October 24 2017

Open Letter to the House of Representatives: Take Up Senate Budget to Expedite Tax Reform
October 20 2017

Universal Paid Leave
October 20 2017

Politicians are putting their interests above yours
October 17 2017

RELEASE: Danny Tarkanian Signs ObamaCare Repeal Pledge
October 17 2017

WATCH: The Truth About the Healthcare Executive Order
October 13 2017

Trump's executive order a positive step on health care | VIDEO
October 13 2017

Statement: Trump (and IWV) Support Providing Health Care & Insurance Americans Want and Need at a Price They Can Afford
October 12 2017

Letter: Over Thirty Leading Conservative And Tax Policy Organizations Voice Support For Congress’ Progress On Unified Tax Reform Framework
October 10 2017

Statement: Contraception mandate hid birth control costs, time to offer over-the-counter options
October 6 2017

Media vs. public reaction to Trump's Vegas response • Mornings With Maria
October 5 2017

Entrepreneurs vs. Investors and why both are important • Mornings With Maria
October 5 2017

Fatherlessness may be a factor in mass shootings • Mornings With Maria
October 5 2017

How long will Amazon's dominance last? • Mornings with Maria
October 5 2017

Should women be offended by Cam Newton's "female" comments? • Mornings With Maria
October 5 2017

Will work for participation increase with strengthening economy? • Mornings With Maria
October 5 2017

Political implications if Puerto Ricans flee to Florida • Mornings With Maria
October 5 2017

Letter: Save Local Business Act (H.R. 3441)
October 4 2017

Hey, why should we suffer when Congress doesn't?
October 3 2017

Tell President Trump: No Washington Exemption for Congress
October 2 2017

Letter: Indexing Capital Gains to Inflation
September 26 2017

NEWS RELEASE: Sen. Luther Strange Signs ObamaCare Repeal Pledge
September 25 2017

The Truth About the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Plan
September 22 2017

Is there an economic, diplomatic solution in North Korea? • Making Money
September 22 2017

How will the new healthcare bill affect you? | ACT NOW
September 21 2017

Letter: 88 Conservative Groups Urge Passage of Pro-Growth Tax Reform in 2017 
September 15 2017

Statement: Sanders Doubles Down on Government-Run Health Care; Cassidy/Graham Plan Offers Different Direction
September 13 2017

Disaster Recovery: American Style
September 12 2017

Results: Wisconsin and GA CD 6
September 12 2017

You don’t have an exemption from ObamaCare. But Congress does.
September 12 2017

VIDEO: No Washington Exemption for Congress
September 11 2017

Coalition Letter: Reciprocal Switching
September 7 2017

We MUST repeal ObamaCare by September 30th
September 5 2017

It's time for tax reform
August 31 2017

Stop Ignoring Our Voice!
August 29 2017

Shutdown threat is Trump's negotiating tactic over border wall funding • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

Religious liberty doesn't get checked at the door if you are a public employee • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

Billionaires are tighter with money than you think • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

Can this former linebacker win a blue congressional seat in TX? • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

Trump's dilemma: Should Senate rules be changed to pass agenda? • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

Will anyone care what Hillary Clinton thinks of Trump? • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

KFC reveals new employee training, and it's not what you would expect • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

Will Congress go to short term CR and punt tax reform? • Mornings With Maria
August 24 2017

ObamaCare is in a death spiral
August 22 2017

Help keep #NoWashingtonExemption going!
August 17 2017

No apologies needed: White supremacists aren’t, and never were, part of the right • The Hill
August 16 2017

Brutal month ahead for the White House?
August 15 2017

Coalition Letter: Stop the HIT and Medical Device Tax
August 10 2017

ObamaCare catastrophe in Nevada
August 9 2017

Issue with sanctuary cities is emblematic of larger concerns • Fox & Friends
August 8 2017

Why Republicans should welcome continued attacks on President Trump • Coast To Coast
August 7 2017

Mention: Withdraw ObamaCare Subsidies For Congress, Two Members Say
August 4 2017