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Letter: IWV Supports Rolling Back the College Degree Requirement for D.C. Childcare Workers

by Hadley Heath Manning

Independent Women’s Voice strongly urges city officials to roll back this counterproductive regulation and instead focus on ways to actually improve the quality of child care and help children and the workers who care for them succeed.

Now it's up to Congress, and they need to hear from YOU!

by Hadley Heath Manning

The Senate tax bill needs to be reconciled with the House tax bill, which doesn't include the elimination of the ACA tax penalty. Make your voice heard!

Coalition Letter: Congress Must Work Swiftly to Make Tax Reform a Reality

by Staff

For working families to attain the American Dream, they need transformational tax reform now more than ever. Congress should not leave for Christmas until these historic reforms are law.

Coalition Letter: Reduce Corporate Income Tax Rate to 20 Percent

by Staff

The United States currently has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world - dropping that rate to 20 percent will spur American competitiveness, increase wages and deliver the relief middle-class taxpayers deserve.


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