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Saluting Stellar Black Women During Black History Month

by Patrice Onwuka

These trailblazers made strides for women and the black community and made our nation stronger.

Coalition Letter: No Gas Hike

by Heather Higgins

Raising the gas tax is a bad idea. It will make the burden of government on families and businesses heavier. A higher gas tax means higher prices not just on gas, but on goods and services throughout the economy.

Nancy Pelosi Dismisses Widespread Financial Relief

by Heather Madden

Nancy Pelosi claims champion women yet when they receive much-needed cash that can be put towards things like home repairs, groceries, credit card debt, or college tuition, she pooh-poohs this widespread relief. Shouldn’t we all champion women’s success regardless of which political party is in office?

Congress Should Block Consumer Watchdog from Snuffing Out Short-Term Loans

by Patrice Onwuka

Americans need more access to cash for emergencies, not Washington regulators determining what’s good for them.

Health Care Price Transparency and Competition Are What's Missing

by Staff

Government distorts healthcare market, decreasing competition and increasing waste.

Not Crumbs: 25 People Explain Why They're Excited About Their Pay Raises

by Ericka Andersen

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called the wages and bonuses Americans are receiving thanks to tax reform "crumbs." We met quite a few people who disagree!

Coalition Letter: Resolution Providing Congressional Disapproval of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Small-Dollar Loan Rule

by Heather Higgins

Time is running out for Congress to help consumers by disapproving of the CFPB rule against small-dollar loans, with the CRA expiring on or around March 5. We the undersigned organizations urge a vote now on House Joint Resolution 122.

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