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No, It's Not Okay to Make Fun of Chelsea Clinton's Looks

by Patrice Onwuka

Civility and respect have been replaced by vulgarity and rudeness that has no grounding in any substance.

California's new water rationing law is a tax in disguise, complete with fines

by Tammy Bruce

Last week’s column about California’s new water rationing apparently upset some of the Golden State’s swamp...

Tax Reform Law Drives Optimism to Near Historic Highs Among Small Business Owners

by Patrice Onwuka

Pro-growth tax policy works in strengthening American businesses, improving opportunity for workers, and driving our economy forward.

De Niro's crude attack on Trump proves liberals are beside themselves that he keeps winning

by Tammy Bruce

Courtesy of actor Robert De Niro, we finally have an admission that the Trump-hater agenda has moved from stupid “resisting” to mindless rage...

#ChampionWomen: Brené Brown

by Ericka Andersen

She urges the public to reject the false dichotomy of having to pick sides, as if every debate is divided into competing teams.

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