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Politicians are putting their interests above yours

by Heather Madden

If President Trump is sincere about wanting a serious effort at repeal and reform of health care, he must tell Congress that he will be ending their special exemption, and that the ACA will apply to Congress and all their staff the same as it does to all other Americans on the exchanges, as the law intended

RELEASE: Danny Tarkanian Signs ObamaCare Repeal Pledge

by Victoria R. Coley

Today, Independent Women’s Voice announced that Danny Tarkanian (R-NV) has signed the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge. Tarkanian is a candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada.

Trump's executive order a positive step on health care | VIDEO

by Heather Madden

People need to know the truth about how President Trump's actions help Americans obtain health care and insurance that they want and need at a price they can afford.

Statement: Trump (and IWV) Support Providing Health Care & Insurance Americans Want and Need at a Price They Can Afford

by Victoria R. Coley

“IWV has focused its national campaign efforts in urging President Trump to take action to offer an escape hatch for Americans. IWV supports President Trump in showing wisdom and compassion and providing health-insurance options Americans want and need at a price they can afford...

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