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Coalition Letter: Group Comments on Short Term Insurance Proposed Rule

We are writing today to provide support for the Administration’s proposal to retract the October 2016 final rule, which reduced the length of coverage under short-term, limited duration insurance policies and deprived consumers of an important, affordable choice in the healthcare marketplace.

Tom Arnold Launches Obscene, Expletive-Filled Rant Against Conservative Candace Owens

by Patrice Onwuka

We cannot allow this kind of intolerance or misogyny to go unaddressed.

Rosie O'Donnell Attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders Again and Again

by Patrice Onwuka

If you say you are a champion for women, be a champion for all women or get off your soapbox.

Tammie Jo Shults: Hero Pilot That Safely Landed Southwest Airlines Flight 1380

by Hadley Heath Manning

It was only because of the grace and quiet strength of Tammie Jo Shults that yesterday’s tragic loss was limited to one life.

Dollywood Surprises Employees with Tax Day Tax Reform Bonuses

by Patrice Onwuka

Another example of companies using tax savings to make their workplaces great for employees.

Tax Reforms Puts Americans to Work, Leaves More in Their Wallets, and Expands Benefits

by Patrice Onwuka

It's Tax Day and the last year that Americans will have to struggle with outdated, complex tax forms. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has delivered historic tax reform for businesses and individuals, but it's done more than that.

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